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NuGet package fails on case-sensitive file systems


Hi there,

ValueInjector package and DLL references fail when being built under Mono on Linux because the casing in the package name, i.e. 'valueinjector' does not match the casing in the DLL, Solution and Project name i.e. 'ValueInjector'.

So, what happens is this: The build process attempts to load assemblies from:


But the file system and packaging system has really put them at:


This error doesn't show up on Windows or Mac because their file systems are case insensitive.

Please consider revising the casing in the name of your package.


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maybe fork it on github and add package spec that works for you


scottlowe wrote Jun 4, 2013 at 12:24 AM

Hi there,

I'd like to clarify my previous comment, since my politeness seems to have resulted in a communication issue here. This issue has been marked as "proposed", which is incorrect. This is not a proposal, this is a bug report.


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